Hard Snaps – Ten Great NFL Photos From Week 10

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michael-garcia - November 13, 2012

I haven't seen anything today about whether or not Jets coach Rex Ryan still thinks his team is going to make the playoffs after they got their asses kicked 28-7 in Seattle. That's what he was saying coming into this week, but Mark Sanchez went 9 for 22 and the offense was held in check again. They don't look anywhere near a playoff team, so hopefully Rex will stop embarrassing himself by saying that. Accept your fate, you're not good.

The Lions don't look like a playoff team either, not at 4-5 in the NFC. Calvin Johnson did have 207 yards receiving on the day in the Lions lone highlight. Denver keeps rolling and the Panthers keep being awful. The Broncos dominated Cam Newton's team in Carolina. What a disappointing year on one hand for Carolina, but on the other, why did people think a 6-10 team would suddenly be a major playoff contender? Pittsburgh and Kansas City finish off the week tonight.

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