Happy New Year! Behold The 70-year-old Sex Doll Man.

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bill-swift - January 1, 2015

I have a theory that 25 years ago before the rise of the internet there were like maybe five fetishes. Probably feet, bondage, S&M, and a couple of other things. Now there is any number of perversions and sub-perversions. Whatever a person can think up becomes a fetish. If I were to say, "I get off on dressing like an aardvark and eating jam out of a Halloween bucket" then it becomes a fetish. Take 70-year-old Robert. He likes to dress up like a sex doll named Sherry. Not a human woman named Sherry, mind you. A walking plastic sex doll. He's featured on an upcoming episode of TLC's Strange Addiction. He gets off on acting like a rubber doll that men make dirty sexy love to.

Look, I'm not judging people for what they want to do. I guess there is nothing wrong with it as long as no one gets hurt. But that doesn't mean it doesn't creep me the F out.

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