Happy Die Hard-iversary! Let’s Celebrate With the Best and Baddest of John McClane (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - July 16, 2013

Yes indeed. On this day in 1988 one of the greatest movie man-chises of all time was born, with the release of Die Hard. Certain liberties were taken as Roderick Thorp's novel, Nothing Lasts Forever, was thrust groin-first into the movie-o-matic machine, but the book's original spirit of C4-down-the-elevator-shaft, balls-out badassery made it to the screen in a big way.

The sequel may have made several shitloads more than the first at the box office, but the original is still an action classic up there with the likes of Terminator 2 and... y'know, the rest of Schwarzenegger's repertoire (except the one where he gets pregnant. Nuts to that). Will we ever forget the sight of Bruce Willis --still in possession of his original hair and teeth at this point-- dangling Alan Rickman from a window on the twentieth floor by the strap of his watch? We will not.

So, how best to salute a quarter of a century of mothereffers, oneliners, half-assed attempts at German accents and turd-stained vests? With two minutes of McClane magic, that's how. Take another yippee-kai-yay look at A Good Day to Die Hard's 'A Walk Down Memory McClane' featurette above.

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