Happy Cleavetastic Birthday to Sofia Vergara

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bill-swift - July 11, 2013

Sofia Vergara holds a special place in my heart. To be more specific, the places near Sofia Vergara's heart holds a special place in my heart. Since bursting onto the U.S. celebrity scene a few years back, Sofia has helped mightily to raise the faptastic status of Sudamericana curvaceous goodness in the naughty fun parts of the minds of Americans.

Today, Sofia celebrates her 41st birthday. Hard to believe form looking at this bombshell that she's been providing visual wonderments professionally to the world for over two decades now. For her birthday, we take a look at some of our favorite more recent cleavetastic moments of this bouncy perfect Latina. And we dream of her pressing her lips together and blowing out her candles. How can you not? Happy Birthday, Sofia!.