Happy Birthday: Your Annual Reminder That Zendaya Might Be The Sexiest Thing On Two Legs

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aldo-vallon - September 4, 2018

Even in the pictures where there is not a dog greatly enhancing the cuteness on display, Zendaya is still hot enough to require a gallery devoted entirely to her.

In one of these photos she is wearing a dress with hips so wide it makes her look like she is at a costume party dressed as a cowbell. Even in our current society where a thick derriere is desirable that look would still be considered extreme, and yet Zendaya’s strong bone structure somehow manages to make it look not only halfway acceptable, but downright suitable. I got to have more of it.

From what my five minutes of research has uncovered, apart from being both an actress and a singer the woman is also a model, fashion designer, writer, and vegetarian. The woman is a double triple threat.

I have often made the claim that I would become a vegetarian but copped out when I saw how much more money it costs to eat that way. Well, that is the excuse that I would give people. The truth is that once I discovered it could make me live longer the lifestyle kind of lost its appeal.


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Photo Credit: Getty Images / Instagram