Happy Birthday: The Very Hottest Taylor Swift Paparazzi Pics And Celeb Candids For Her Special Day

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aldo-vallon - December 13, 2018

I feel halfway embarrassed that I did not get Taylor a gift for her birthday, while she gave all of us the gift of her legs. That is not how this day is supposed to work.

Taylor has enough class to not bring up this sort of insult in the future, hanging the guilt over our heads until she feels satisfied. Instead she will only keep those feelings internalized, telling no one about it, making sure our reputations are left intact. Not that my reputation was ever something worth saving, but there might be a few of you out there with something of merit.

If anyone asks why I didn’t get Taylor anything I will tell them I bought her a t-shirt of a cat wearing glasses, but it turns out she already had one. That is not the kind of gift that person can double up on. There are plenty of things a person can have two of, like shoes and bottle openers, but unique cat shirts are not among them. If a person owns too many animal shirts then they run the risk of becoming social pariahs rather than lovable oddballs.




Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram