Happy Birthday: Goldie Hawn From Sexy Starlet To Today

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earl-jonas - November 21, 2017

Today let's celebrate how old Goldie Hawn is by looking at some of her hottest moments. The industry veteran is now seventy-two, but you might recall that way back when the world first fell in love with Hawn as the go-go dancing free-spirited hippie chick on Laugh In. Goldie also dabbled in modeling and showed off her comedic chops in hit flicks that the world fell Overboard for, and she even won an Oscar for 1969's Cactus Flower. And as if all that wasn't enough, Goldie gave birth to the lovely Kate Hudson, who is also getting old. The similarities don't stop there, and if you want to see some of Goldie's most striking looks over the years, head to the gallery below. Do you fawn over Hawn, or does she make you... yawn? Let us know all of your secrets in the comments. 


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