Happy Birthday: Celebrate Olivia Newton-John’s 69th Birthday With Her Incredible Daughter Chloe Rose

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aldo-vallon - September 26, 2018

Chloe Rose has a hell of a reputation to live up to being the daughter of Olivia Newton-John, but thankfully it appears she is determined to outshine her mother’s legendary leather pants. I am all for that type of competition. Rivalries lead to all sorts of breakthroughs that we never thought possible. Without them we would not even have the benefits of AC and DC electricity. If Chloe did not feel the drive within her to compete against her mother so fiercely we might have another Chaz Bono on our hands, and what good is he doing for our eyes?

I will say that I hope it is a good natured rivalry. I hate seeing parents and children feuding. After that biker family broke up I had to give up reality TV for a couple years. The drama was simply too real for once. Fortunately for those dudes their business was the only thing that died. If the competition gets too out of hand someone could end up with a poisoned shot of botulism. The damage that could do is…actually I do not know what damage that would do. Isn’t botulism already pretty damaging?


Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA