Hannah Ferguson’s Awesome Social Media

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bill-swift - April 17, 2017

Hannah Ferguson doesn't simply exist once a year in her SI Swimsuit photos. Though those are always a highlight. Or on the occasional consumer brand commercial. This wildly hot sextastic model keeps her fans alive and tingling throughout the year on her massively popular social media sites. It's all fun and games until you realize it's how they're making ninety-percent of their earnings. And I'm happy for each and every one of them.

Hannah shows off her stellar body because she knows that's what makes you happy. If she could serve you buffalo wings through the screen and change the channel to you favorite game, she'd do that too. But now you're asking for too much. Simply dream that part whilst you feast your peeps upon her effortlessly sextastic female form. It's a national treasure. Wait, does that mean we'll have to pay to see it and it'll be closed on Sundays? I take that back. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @hannahfergusonofficial/ Instagram