Hannah Ferguson Pimping Bikinis in The Tropics

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bill-swift - February 10, 2017

The thing about being a wicked hot bodied bikini model is all the gloriously free trips to warm beach locations around the globe and the pampering therein. I suppose the downside is you don't get to eat pizza and chug beers as is a healthy part of my regular diet. Still, chewing on leaves probably is easier when you're under a palm tree in a warm breeze by the ocean.

Hannah Ferguson certainly qualifies under that world class swimsuit moniker. The chest delicious SI model and all around sextastic young woman got picked up by KiKiRio swimwear to pimp the living shnozz out of their bikini line, which I'd say from the looks of these shots, ought to fly off the shelves. If you in any way think you may match the alluring appeal of a smiling salacious Hannah Ferguson in one of these brightly colored numbers, you really must buy. As for your bikinis, Hannah, do please send me the floor samples used in the shoot. I'm like the Smithsonian of worn hot lady thongs. Somebody has to keep the historical record. For posterity. And occasional late night private time moments. Enjoy.