Hannah Ferguson Bikini Goddess

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bill-swift - June 29, 2016

Texas native and all around SI Swimsuit hottie Hannah Ferguson has several ways to make a man weak in the knees and even weaker elsewhere. But bikini and really swimsuit showy hotness is her forte. That's Latin for she will make you tingle all over with her ridiculously hot body. Hannah Ferguson isn't just a woman, she's a force of nature.

In her especially sextastic work for Ocean Drive magazine, Hannah shows off the power of one crazy alluring woman, her smoking hot body, and the enhancement of a wet revealing swimsuit or less just to put the whole visual wonderment shebang over the top. Over the top, under the bottom, I could go either way, Hannah. That includes shining your shoes if it makes you happy and more inclined to wash that body oil off your body in front of me. Did I say that out loud? How almost embarrassing. I mean it, Hannah. Let's do something spectacularly naughty together. Live for your memoirs. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ocean Drive Magazine