Hannah Davis Tropical Island Boobtastic for SI

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bill-swift - December 30, 2016

Before we get started, let's get this out of the way. Derek Jeter, you lucky lucky bastard. Okay, now onto the show. Hannah Davis or Hannah Jeter as the law now kind of insists we call this super duper buxom bodacious swimsuit hottie, continues to shine in her wet and dry and wet again work for Sports Illustrated, the brand that made her famous. The don't do much by way of sports anymore, but their illustrated part is fairly tremendous.

Hannah Davis in a tropic island getaway naturally is an excuse to see her moist fine female form all kinds of barely covered and revealing of her massive amounts of passion inducing potential. Oh, sure, those eyes are magical. But it's the rest of her curvaceous body that powers the fantasy. The entire package, from front and back and side to side, simply tingle producing to every corner of your neuron laden body. Well, done Hannah. If only you were mine. Can I call next? Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated