Han Crashes a TIE Fighter and Stands Trial in New ‘Solo’ Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 13, 2018


Here's a new deleted scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story that spends a little more time showing Han as a reckless Imperial cadet. I love the transition from the end of the scene into the one that's already in the film, making me feel like this is the stuff I would've liked more of from the film.

Could've done without the line "this conversation's over," a clear callback to Han's "Boring conversation anyway" line from A New Hope. I get why they did it, but I just don't think every line needs to be a callback to a line from another Star Wars movie.

The trial part is kind of ridiculous, the way he's just allowed to take over the room like that, but I would've preferred the film be front-loaded with all this kind of stuff. Maybe he doesn't meet Chewie until halfway through the movie. The film's fatal flaw is that it wanted to rush through the movie that was clearly more interesting to get to one that's just pat and standard and nothing we haven't seen dozens of times before.

I want more of Han having to deal with giant worm people. More of Han constantly screwing up as an Imperial cadet. Don't rush to Woody and the gang, their story is a lot less interesting than all that other, weirder stuff.

This scene and other deleted scenes are available with the purchase of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Digital HD tomorrow or Blu-ray and DVD September 25.

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