Halsey Figured It Out

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Lex Jurgen - April 17, 2017

Chicks who spend a ton of money trying to get attention are waisting their cash. Pop singer Halsey walked around Coachella with her shirt up wearing a see-through bra. That'll cost you ten bucks. Done. You don't need a street walker designer gown for ten grand like the Kardashians. Lift your fucking shirt.

Halsey seems economical. Her real name is Ashley and her fake name is an anagram. She likes easy. Like the fast cash you can make at Coachella with teen product sponsors throwing money at anybody with a decent social media following. Girls don't watch television or read magazines anymore. Brands from shoes to vapes are walking into Indio with suitcases full of cash desperate to get anybody semi-famous to promote their shit. It's a great time to be okay looking and kind of famous. 

The nerds had their day when the Internet came along. Shameless sevens are killing it in the social media era. Your time isn't coming specifically, but look to free digital porn with a thankful eye. You get what you need.


Photo Credit: AKM/GSI Media