Halo’s Cortana and the Top 7 Greatest Sidekicks in Gaming

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bill-swift - August 7, 2012

Yet another week has passed and we're back again with another stimulating 'Top 7' for you. How was your weekend? If it was boring and uneventful, fear not. Monday is no longer the worst day of the week. Not when you have Hot Coffee's Top 7 lists coming your way, right? Last week we got our hands greasy and got under the hood of some of gaming's most badass vehicles but this week these hands are staying clean.

Everyone's familiar with the character system in games. You have the main protagonist; a lone wolf taking on the world alone. He's big, tough and a little mysterious but he gets the job done because he doesn't need anyone or anything, right? Wrong. The best characters in the world of gaming are those who have a solid relationship with another. Whether it's two good friends or a certain renowned pair of twins, duos always make the best characters in gaming. It's unrealistic to think someone could be a perfect protagonist on his/her own. Sometimes we need someone to help us with certain situations or even just someone to talk with (take notes, Master Chief). That's right, I'm talking about sidekicks.

Sidekicks will take all the crap and none of the glory and still see things through until the end with you. It's the sort of relationship that you only wish you could have with someone. You'll probably never experience it but you can sure as hell try by checking out the cream of the crop with our look at the "Top 7 Greatest Sidekicks in Gaming."