ICYMI: The Battle of Shadow and Light is Now On in ‘Halo 5: Guardians’

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chris-littlechild - December 1, 2015

Yes, Halo 5. We see you there, with your first-for-the-series fancy-ass subtitle (Guardians). You're one of very few big ballbusting exclusives the Xbox One has had. We get that. You're kind of a big deal, like that dude from The Anchorman. Seriously, though, calm your undercrackers down.

Must we have this DLC talk already? You were only released a month ago. Still, you know developers. There's nothing like a Season Pass, microtransaction or the like to make those bastards happy. If they can get their hands on some more of our cashtacular, they will, and they'll start as early as they damn well can (not in this case, as it's free, but that's still worth bitching about, I think).

So feast your ogling eyes on this. The first Guardians content pack was teased last week, but now we've got the full lowdown of what's on offer. And a spangly new title for the DLC: the Battle of Shadow and Light Pack.

The biggest Halo multiplayer experience JUST GOT BIGGER the trailer proclaims, with bold font at the end there so we know they mean freaking business. The biggest new addition here is the return of Big Team Battle, that Halo playlist favorite. There are also four new maps, the charmingly vicious ‘shove it' assassination, the Shinobi and Tracer armor, and a couple lil' cosmetic bits besides. Check it out in action:

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