Halo 4 Offers Armor, Weapons and More to Specialists Who Really Want It

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bill-swift - August 17, 2012

To keep you in Halo 4 and playing often, multiplayer  and co-op fans will be able to rank up to level 50 and then select a Specialization in the game. These specializations offer another ten levels of rankings and a wealth of unique armor, gear and customizations that only you and your specialist brothers will be able to sport.

There will be eight total Specialist pathways and it can be confusing because the name of the specialization and the cool armor that gives it its coolness have different names. You can see what we mean here:

Wetwork: the Stealth armor that allows players to sprint quieter and perform animations quicker so enemies can't anticipate your movements. Does not, however, make you invisible.

Pioneer: the Fast Tracker armor grants users bonus experience points at the end of rounds, thus leveling you up way sooner.

Engineer: the Drop Recon armor comes with a helmet mode that allows you to see what weapons are coming in an Ordinance Drop (think power ups) and where it's going to land.

Tracker: the Requisition armor allows you to call down random ordnance packs.

Rogue: the Stability armor lets you maintain your aim while you're being shot by enemies. This one should function way better than it reads here because you're always being shot in Halo multiplayer.

Stalker: the Nemesis armor shows you who killed you after you respawn in a battle. This can be good for attacking style players and defensive style players.

Pathfinder:  the Gunner armor lets you work gunner positions longer without the gun overheating and lets you run around faster with detached heavy guns.

Operator: the Wheelman armor makes the vehicles you're driving tougher and shrinks the window when somebody can jack your ride.

Remember it takes level 50 before you can start down a Specialization path. Also only Wetwork and Pioneer will be available to all players at launch on November 6. The other specializations will be made available, for free hopefully, as more and more folks are using Spartan Ops and War Games game modes. OR, and this is the hook of it all, you can get the additional sox specializations via pre-ordering or picking up the collector's edition of Halo 4.

These things sound very cool, but I'm concerned how we're going to get to them. The pre-order/collector's edition route just isn't for everybody, yet folks who do get those additional specializations will have a distinct advantage over other players. That level 50 threshold won't even be a speed bump to most players. That said, we're still getting an avalanche of content from Halo 4 when you include Spartan Ops and Forward Unto Dawn in the equation. Be sure to head over to Halo Waypoint to get familiar with Wetwork and Pioneer because it looks like that's all the help you're getting.

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