Halo 4 Continues the Good Fight with More Spartan Ops (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 26, 2013

The episodic roll out of Halo 4's post-launch standalone mode/DLC Spartan Ops continues with even more story, battles and co-op missions. We've deviated from the expected 10 episodes in 10 weeks that we had been told, but that's okay. You needed a break around the holidays so you could spend time with your Aunt Tilly and her "old world" approach to cuisine. Those chicken wings weren't going to boil themselves.

In any case, we're up to episode 7 now and Dr Halsey's story continues to unfold, revealing all sorts of new information about the Halo universe and the Spartan program in particular. You should never just jump out there and trust scientists like that. After a few years, a little proof and a little evidence, sure. I'm looking at you climate change deniers.

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