Hallie Biden Found Love in a Hopeless Place

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Lex Jurgen - March 8, 2017

The spin machine is out on this Hallie Biden and her dead husband's married brother now lover story. What appears on the face to be entirely gross and indefensible is being spun by family surrogates as beautiful and inspiring. 

Hunter Biden and his sister-in-law Hallie were the two primary participants in Beau Biden's brain cancer treatment journey. Naturally, the two would grow fond of one another, or so claim numerous friends put in contact with People magazine.

You obviously develop a bond. This isn’t something that happened while he was sick, it came as a result of being in the trenches together for three years . . . They didn’t intend [for] this, obviously, to happen.

Of course not. Hallie Biden has a kid named Hunter, named after you. It's creepy. But, ah, love works in mysterious ways. In your defense, Hallie Biden is no supermodel. In not your defense, there's that long history of drugs and prostitutes and financial ruin. Not to mention the wife and three kids you just dumped to climb aboard the familiar lady.

Said another family friend who also seemed to have People magazine's phone number:

Anyone moved to judgment now has no knowledge of the grace and strength with which Hunter and Hallie have navigated the last four years.

It's almost makes you feel bad for in-laws who didn't start fucking one another after a family tragedy. Have we all been missing something? 

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet