Halle Berry Bikini Pictures Reveal the Cleavage of An Ageless Goddess

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bill-swift - March 28, 2013

Well, goddess might be a bit much, but you can bet I'd be stringing together some seriously inflated compliments were I to have the chance to flirt with Halle Berry in her cleavetastic bikini in Hawaii this week. Things like, 'you don't look a day over 30' and 'how do you keep your skin so soft' and 'may I mount you with passion behind the eucalyptus tree'. Yes, the smooth talk would be flowing thanks to the overflowing chestal abundance display but on by Halle and her bikini top on vacation in Hawaii.

And, truly, Halle does not age. She is one of the few women in Hollywood who continues to pull off the short hair without looking like she's making a social statement, and she continues to to look Bond girl hotness worthy. It's really a something to behold. And, oh, how I'd like to behold those funbags in my two greedy little paws. Enjoy.


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