Hailey Clauson Sextastic Supreme Modeling Beach Wear That You’d Like To See Come Off

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bill-swift - January 31, 2015

Hailey Clausen is back modeling beach wear and, well, I'm still madly in lust with this young Southern California model. She just fits so perfectly with beach wear, or not wear. She certainly seems like someone who you'd like to take along on a warm weather vacation to some country where the phones don't work that reliably.

Hailey was tapped by Tularosa to pimp out their vacation wear little bits of clothing. I can only say Hailey looks ridiculously hot. Your results may differ. I may be slightly biased by the fact that Hailey Clauson makes me feel like a young boy discovering women for the first time all over again. Oh, the happy tingles. Bless you, Hailey Clauson. It's like some kind of happy magic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tularosa