Hailey Clauson Chesty Pool Time Peeks

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bill-swift - February 17, 2016

We've lusted Hailey Clauson since about for forever. It's always an extra bit of giddy around here when one of our belusted objects d' lust hit it big, as Hailey did this very day with her very own cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I'm not sure the exact criteria anymore for that selection, but Hailey seemed to be the cover model that made it by sheer force of being supremely smoking hot with a fair haired body to match in every way. A bit of the all over fine female perfection.

Naturally, Hailey and the photographers who work with her are wasting no time in capitalizing on her fifteen years of fame with even more outstandingly alluring photos of the striking blonde, such as these Zoey Grossman shots of Hailey providing peeks galore by the pool. Water does seem to be working in her favor these days. I'd keep that as my motif and keep losing the bikini tops. I'm quite sure this will only make you more popular. And as for reputations, that's the one you want. Good on you, Hailey, for hitting the big time. Gorgeous female exhibitionists deserve everything they get. It's really the best model for world order. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoey Grossman

We first met teen model Hailey Clauson in the Spring of 2014 and she made quite a first impression....