Hailey Clausen Bikini Bunny Picture Perfection

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bill-swift - January 27, 2015

Hailey Clausen really is quite the memorable young model. I never forget a face and I never forget a body, meaning I could identify the sextastic bikini bodied Hailey through just the sense of touch. And my sixth sense of tingle. Oh, what a world it would be if that were allowed. For now, just the leering.

The good folks at Beach Bunny who have an uncanny sense of picking just the right hot model for their bikini lines snatches up Hailey and told her to do what she does best. Make bikinis look amazing. I'd call this a success. I'm not sure how women select their two piece wears, but you could do worse than picking out the suits that are currently making a million men semi-catatonic. Of course, Hailey might have a little something to do with that. But go with the bikini gods and cross your fingers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beach Bunny