You’re A Bad Girl Baby You Make Me So Hot Of The Week: Hailey Baldwin

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earl-jonas - November 7, 2017

In the cinema classic The Family Man, Nicolas Cage mutters the even more classic line "You're a bad girl baby, you make me so hot" while getting riled up at the site of handsome early 2000's staple and on-screen wife Tea Leoni. And if you're like me, that sentiment describes many of the breast and tightest ladies in showbiz. Each week one lucky celebrity will nab the You're A Bad Girl Baby, You Make Me So Hot Of The Week, and today it's none other than sassy starlet Hailey Baldwin.


(Click to hear Nicolas Cage)

The member of celeb royalty hit the beaches in a super tight pink bathing suit that gets all kinds of caught up in her crackular region. In addition to the magic of a celebrity wedgie, we get some great looks at her overall tight-tastic bod and seductive gaze. While we don't have to dig deep to find a celebrity in a bikini - something I'm certainly not complaining about - there's something about having the confidence and class to rock a one-piece bathing suit classic that is just plain sexy. Alluring even? Sure. Definitely enough to get me so hot. You? Let us know in the comments below. 


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News