Hailey Baldwin Lingerie in the Kitchen for Vogue

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bill-swift - June 1, 2017

Fresh off the heels of taking the Maxim top spot in their albeit staged annual list, Hailey Baldwin is moving on up and out, including across the bigger pond to Japan for an undergarment baring appearance in their Vogue edition for summer. Nothing quite says summer like a hottie in neglige doing the dishes. Though you get the impression that Hailey Baldwin isn't doing a lot of the dirty work in the kitchen in real life. In imaginary life she's doing the dirty work in my boudoir with the Monet print. The ladies love my sense of artistic appreciation.

Hailey came up in the circle of celebrity hot daughters who could've done anything with their young lives, but chose to go into revealing modeling. We might as well golf clap for that now. We'd stand up if it wouldn't reveal our prurient indecency we cherish as a strength. The world has enough baristas and luncheon ladies of leisure. There can never be enough sextastic ladies in lingerie sweating for the cameras. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Vogue Japan