Hailey Baldwin Random Sexiness in NYC

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aldo-vallon - August 23, 2017

 What hand sign did women do before the peace sign was invented. Was the reason why everyone always looked so miserable in old photos because they had nothing cool to do with their hands? I can see that being a real bummer. If that is true then the peace sign pose has got to be one of the most important inventions of the past century. If you do not believe me then just flag down a Japanese tourist and ask to take a picture of them. Those two fingers will fly up faster than a New Yorker can flip you the bird. Since the middle finger is New York City's unofficial hand sign I am surprised that Hailey Baldwin did not throw it up instead. It is practically a sign of endearment to those people. Normally they just ignore everyone, so if they are taking the time to flip you off at least they are acknowledging your existence. And if a woman is flipping you off it definitely means they are interested in you, so you should definitely ask them out. Trust me, I have been to New York once.


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Photo Credit: Splash News