Hailey Baldwin Pretty In Pink

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aldo-vallon - January 15, 2018

 Are sweats coming back into fashion? Because if they are, that is great news. I was banking on this day coming back around. My whole family told me I was a fool for holding onto my Minnesota North Stars sweatshirt. They all laughed at me, but they won't be laughing after I dig it out of the crawl space. 

I know I could have given it to the Salvation Army and allowed someone to actually use it rather than have it sit idly in storage, but that would have been like donating Spiderman #1 to a pre-school because they would enjoy the pictures. It would be a total waste on people that do not properly appreciate it in all its glory.

That sweatshirt represents the Minnesota North Stars. The very same team that became the Dallas Stars and almost one a Stanley Cup a couple times. It's not like you can just go out a purchase an original sweatshirt without having to spend a pretty penny. The shipping alone will probably be a couple of dollars. Hailey might look good right now, but think about how much better she would look if that sweatshirt was green and yellow.  




Photo Credit: Backgrid USA