Hailey Baldwin French Funbag Holding of Her Own for Lui Magazine

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bill-swift - March 6, 2017

I can't help but feel we've been talking a lot about Hailey Baldwin lately. It may be related to her work ethic related to showing off tons of skin when out and about or when under camera light shooting for magazines. When in Paris, do as the Parisians do, so Hailey took a series of revealing and sextastic photos for Lui magazine. They weren't as topless as perhaps we would have lusted, but watching this second generation celebrity hottie hold her own sweet teats is nothing to sneeze at. Either way, say excuse me.

Hailey Baldwin fits nicely in tow with some of her more famous and infamous posse of celebrity model friends. She doesn't demand the spotlight, but when the lights come up there she is in a miniskirt and not much else literally holding her own. Job well done, Hailey. Now, we both understand next stop on this train is naked town, right? Just to be clear. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Lui magazine