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jhanson - March 16, 2017

Hailey Baldwin was raised by born again religious skateboarding fanatics so it's no surprise she turned out kind of off. She recently gave an interview discussing her "spirituality", which is a term people from big cities use to describe beliefs which have no rational explanation. In Baldwin's case she seems to have deduced a lot of her beliefs from a combo of scripture and Gremlins lore: 

"I don’t think the devil exists as a person, but I do think people can become possessed by demons. There’s a Bible verse my mom always made me repeat. ‘I can do all through Christ as he strengthens me,’ Philippians IV, 13. When I used to perform, I got really nervous, so I’d say it in the wings before I went on. I still say it in my head before I walk a show. I never show my nipples. I never want to have a photo with my boobs pushed up next to a Bible verse, but my job is my job. There are times when I put something up and I’m like, ‘Please don’t think this is me. This is work."

By "perform" Baldwin means walking down a runway with a blouse taped to her tits for forty-two grand because she has a famous last name. If you're looking to live a life of purity, perhaps exit the modeling industry. Perverts find twelve year old girls at the mall and provide them with self-esteem and cocaine. Both are incredibly powerful drugs.

You're selling artfully marketed third world garments to people who could be using that money to otherwise subsidize abortions for upper middle class white girls who were certain Tommy was the one. It's not a virtuous business. If you're privileged enough to be a Baldwin you typically gravitate towards roles in movies that will later run on TNT though nobody can ever remember seeing them in the theater. 

Everybody sells out in one way or another. Usually it's because the rent is due. If you're flush it's because you were born with the whore gene and you can't help it. See your old man's late night cable work prior to hearing the word as an example. Baldwin is speaking as if she were forced into posting down top selfies on Instagram. It might be that demonic possession thing. Or boredom. Religious zealots with unlimited disposable income are the most dangerous of all.

Photo Credit: Instagram (above) / Lui magazine (below)

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