Hailey Baldwin And Ashley Benson Leg And Cleavage Show At AMA Afterparty

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bill-swift - November 26, 2015

Talk about your mixed blessings. A Justin Bieber party full of super showy sextastic celebrities. You kind of have to go, at least to look. The Devil's Midget hosted a post AMA's weekend party and brought out all the millennial hotties decked out for paparazzi show including Hailey Baldwin flashing a whole lot of passion inducing legs and Ashley Benson not a routine exhibiter of the cleavage that makes her impossible to forget during pre-sleep happy hour.

While neither of these two super fine young ladies looked particularly pleased to be attending the function, they nevertheless put great care into showing off their wares and keeping the mood exhilarating. Ladies, let me tell you about the after-after party at my place. Less pretense and far more Nude Twister going on. Trust me, you're only horribly embarrassed for the first few games, then it becomes a true competition. Also, that's not a camera my friend Elias is holding in his hands. Though I'll admit to being a stickler for keepsakes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet