Hailey Baldwin Parties Hard For Her 21st Birthday

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earl-jonas - November 22, 2017

I love my friends!!!!!!

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As of today international supermodeling sensation Hailey Baldwin is twenty-one, which means that she can legally drink and that it's time for her to pack up her bags and gracefully exit the modeling world, because, she old.The blonde member of celebrity royalty naturally hit the town to celebrate getting older, and naturally wore some lingerie for the occasion.

Baldwin wins the award for the supermodel most likely to wear underwear as clothes, and we would like to deliver the distinguished award in person. As long as she's wearing underwear instead of clothes. Which she inevitably will be. Hit the gallery below to see all the lace-tastic action on the leggy bombshell, as well as some satinlicious nightie action, and just all around not real clothing action. 


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram