Gwen Stefani vs. Rihanna in Battle of Pop Star Hotness

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bill-swift - August 14, 2010

Gwen Stefani is somewhere on my all-time list of pop star hotties and Rihanna is most definitely on my my short list for next-gen super sexy divas, so when I saw these two super hot singers in pictures this morning, I thought it might be ripe for a head to head battle of amazingness. Gwen Stefani has been showcasing her tight body and glamorous look for over a decade now, while Rihanna really still can't sing, but, she's got a booty and body that ranks right up there with the best of Egotastic! (Not to mention flashing those braless boobs beneath a nearly see-through tops, big bonus points for Rihanna!).

Who takes the prize?

Photo credit: GSi media / INF Photo / Splash News