Gwen Stefani Still Rock Steady Hot

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bill-swift - April 6, 2011

My lust affair with Gwen Stefani goes back to some drunken co-ed evenings, a couple No Doubt CDs, and some home videos that I pray have not fallen into the hands of the likes of Vanessa Hudgens so-called besties. I swear that Gwen Stefani has not aged a day since those days; while, I have matured well past the days of pretending I love pop music for the sake of getting laid (which, coincidentally, didn't work all that well and usually resulted in me feeling broke and humiliated with a $35 concert t-shirt from an event I was too ashamed to admit I attended). Word is, Gwen Stefani and No Doubt are recording again, in studio, and when that puppy comes out, I'm expecting a full-on tour with Gwen in itty bitty outfits flashing her MILF body on stage. And I'll probably be out there somewhere. Old habits die hard when they involve Stefani-level hotties. Enjoy.