Gwen Stefani Sheer Leotard Performance In NYC

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michael-garcia - June 3, 2016

Gwen Stefani made quite an entrance in a sheer leotard at a performance in New York City. It was like back in the good 'ol days of No Doubt when she used to strut around half-dressed. The see-through leotard gave us a good view of her famous Stefani chest rockets. You don't have to be a Harijuku girl to know that those are some amazingly beautiful tetons. You could also get a gander at her midriff which is, again, superb. I've had a major crush on Gwen since I was in high school. She has aged like a fine wine, a wine that is that I would very much like to have hot freaky sex with. I like a good punk rock girl who looks like she could punch me in the face if I piss her off. It keeps me honest.

I had no idea she was in NYC and was going to be dressed like this. If I had known that I would have gone to this concert instead of watching Netflix with my cat. Don't judge me.