Guess Whose Booty is Back in a Bikini? Claudia Romani, and She’s Brought a Friend

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bill-swift - April 5, 2014

I must admit I've been a little worried not seeing the finely shaped apple of my eye for almost a month now. As you know, I intend to marry the sweet and tender funside of Claudia Romani just as soon as it's allowable by law. I will take her arse unto me and it will take me unto it's twin cans and we shall live happily ever after. Or approximately six weeks.

Claudia and her bikini buddy Cecelia black were back on the beach in Miami showing off their finely sculpted lady forms and some paddleboard pimping all simultaneous like. Oh, the epic thumpers my peeps have peeped. If only I could now use my other four senses. Enjoy.

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