‘GTA V’ Brings the Nekkidness With a Supposedly Sextastic Seasonal Easter Egg (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 22, 2014

Even though many of us are still hungover from Christmas, another darn holiday has arrived. Let's celebrate it the way we celebrate every holiday/birthday/Tuesday: with a little naughty ladyflesh, and a headline with a rather brilliant alliterating pun.

As we know, Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos is an effin' big place. All kinds of bizarre sights and secrets lurk in its seedy alleys. The rumored UFOs and jetpack included, possibly. But feast your eyes on the above clip from itzzmagma, which explains the mystery of the nekkid woman on the hill.

If you venture out into an obscure corner of the map at a certain time, it seems, she'll be dancing before a gleefully ogling crowd. Fans of tiny digital raunchtastic will be dismayed to hear that she's bikini-bottomed up, but still. The sex-starved drug dealers of Los Santos have to take whatever they can get.

When there isn't some dick blowing their asses off in a tank, that is, as this only occurs in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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