Gretchen Rossi Flashes Her Cleavage And Blinds Us To Her Ills

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bill-swift - October 18, 2011

Oh, how I hate giving pub to the skanktastic cut and molded faces of the Real Housewives faux-reality series not-really-housewives. The Girl Scouts of America (yep, I follow them) just produced some survey that showed how incredibly God-awful these types of shows are on the impressionable minds of young ladies, causing their entire value systems to warp to Kardashian level horribleness. Like, I think girls who watch these shows are eighteen times more likely to carry razors in their stolen Gucci bags and cut their yoga-teachers or something or get pregnant by unemployed sons of rich parents with DUI records and greasy hair.

Still, we're mostly grown men here, so I think we can provide some exception in the case of hot bodies and leering looks at funbags. In this case, Gretchen Rossi, from the Real Housewives of Orange County, using all the gifts that God and surgeons gave her to pimp the shizz out Reebok or Nike or some athletic company gear by running around L.A. flashing her tight body and doing lots of stretches and bending over for the cameras. This can't be bad for us, right? Enjoy.