Gretchen Rossi Bikini Pictures Make A Shameful Reality Secret Okay to Share

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bill-swift - May 18, 2011

Yeah, I watch the Real Housewives of Orange County. No, my girlfriend doesn't make me. This is my dark secret shame. I mean, of course, I've got others, but this is the only one I'm sharing today. Look, I've got a thing for older bleached blonde and artificially boobtastic women folk who live in gated communities. It's just my fetish and pizza delivery boy fantasy, okay. And, it is okay, I think now, thanks to the more widely exposing bodies of some of the housewives such as Gretchen Rossi, who is sort of an amalgam of every annoying girlfriend you ever had in your life, except pretty damn hot and hot bodied. When she opens her mouth, the fantasy goes away, but in silent Gretchen Rossi bikini pictures, just let the boobs and the hips and the booty do the talking and she's downright alright by me. I feel much better after this confession. I think it's good for the soul. Enjoy.