Great. Now There Are Giant Goldfish Monsters.

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bill-swift - February 23, 2013

Does the idea of a 4.5 pound goldfish terrify you? It should. It t'ain't natural! Apparently, a giant breed of disgusting orange seafood has been terrorizing Lake Tahoe. Some of the fish are up to 2 feet long! Think of the tiny fish you had in a bowl as a kid and compare that to the picture above. It's a result of something called aquarium dumping. This isn't when you you get drunk and poop in your ex-father-in-law's expensive sea water aquarium. Both pet shops and fish owners casually dump unwanted fish in the nearest water supply. At first it might seem humane, "Go back to the wild, Mr. Flippers!". It turns out that it causes huge environmental problems when the new species take over. The reason these fish have grown so large is that goldfish grow with regards to their enclosure. Since they are now in a lake and not in a tiny tank with a little guy in a diving helmet, they grow huge. So, if you are swimming in Lake Tahoe and see something orange coming at you...SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE!

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