Grand Theft Auto V Power Rankings: The Way of Things

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bill-swift - December 1, 2012

So Grand Theft Auto V is coming out in the first bit of 2013 sometime (we're sticking with the end of March 2013 until somebody from Rockstar threatens us, which is their way of saying they love you). And so we'll be using this space to discuss, predict and lay odds on what piece of info on the game is coming up next.  And there's always something coming up next with this game.

See a game this big demands that information, screens and video be administered the way a general would field his or her army. Heavy artillery there; infantry here and air support to clean it all up is the thought. And there's one goal in mind: make sure every breathing man, woman or child with opposable thumbs and a game system is convinced of how cool Grand Theft Auto V is going to be. If Rockstar can get you to that point, then the purchase of said game is merely procedure. If you can't be convinced of how cool GTA V is going to be, then you just must not be able to detect cool in a way that's required. Sucks to be you, dorkus sapien.

First, let's reset the board:

We know the three main protagonists that you'll be able to control. This is the biggest reveal so far.

And that's really it.

There's a ton of info about Los Santos, the scale of the game's environment and other tidbits that can be squeezed out by cross referencing Game Informer's knockout cover story and other sources. However, What's Next in Grand Theft Auto V is going to be about discussing and predicting what officially and directly comes from Rockstar. They're free and open to talk about triple-headed main character right now because that's what they want the world talking about right now. That and nothing else.

As for what's next, or rather what could be next, we'll be using the What's Next in Grand Theft Auto V Power Rankings to organize all of that for you. Based on pure speculation, wishful thinking and what little birds are telling us, the What's Next in Grand Theft Auto V Power Rankings will attempt to portray what solid drips of info are coming from Rockstar next. If done right, this list should get shorter and maybe change elements as we get closer to the game's launch. Behold:

1. The Locations in Los Santos - The world where Michael, Franklin and Trevor is probably the most important character if you want to get all existential about it. Claiming that this vision for Los Santos will be bigger and more detailed than the version of Los Santos, Las Ventanas and San Fierro combined is a hell of a claim. Rockstar will want to impress folks with this sooner rather than later.

2. The Vehicles of GTA V - Hijacking cars is the oxygen of the franchise. It's what you do before you can do all the other stuff in the game. Showcasing the variety of vehicles and pointing out "nutty" ones like golf carts or jetpacks will be an important step in rolling out this game. Plus there seem to be several types of bikes in this one.

3. The Weapons of GTA V - There's an improved shooting mechanic in V so the weapons you'll be using will have to be presented at some point. Unveiling the weapon categories (melee, assault, explosive, etc.) will go a long way towards showcasing anything new. I'm predicting multiple types of golf clubs given the inclusion of a full golf course/golf minigame.

4. The Supporting Characters of GTA V - There's no superstar acting talent featured in the new game but that doesn't mean the supporting cast won't be important. We already know Michael's immediate family and Franklin's best buddy will all be important characters throughout. The fact that Michael's son is featured so prominently in the middle of the trailer is significant. I'm calling it right now: the son is going to get kidnapped/killed/in deep trouble with some gangsters and dad is going to rustle up a posse to deal with it all.

5. The Soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V - Los Santos will have radio stations that will help pass the time as you roll around time. The music on these stations has to be varied to appeal to all demographics and plentiful enough to sell as a collection on iTunes or some kind of boxset. This will be key.

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