‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Goes All ‘Mario Kart’ On Us, Kinda Sorta

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chris-littlechild - July 8, 2016

  Back in the Grand Theft Auto V pre-release days, when the hype train was barrelling along so damn fast it was like one of those crazy-ass Japanese bullet trains, the multiplayer component was a hell of a big deal. Online arrived a little after the game itself, but the anticipation for it was real.  

I was there that first day, as I’m sure many of you Ego-dudes were. I saw the servers instantly die on their asses, buckling under the pressure of hordes of rabid fans all trying to play at once. I must have tried to load that first tutorial mission fifty times. It was an utter shitstorm, and there were a heaping helping of angry players' rants on message boards across the world after all the build-up.

So, yup. All in all, Grand Theft Auto Online didn’t have the best start to life. Still, you can’t fault Rockstar’s commitment. Since the service first hit, they’ve been supporting it with a near-constant stream of updates and new content. All for a total of zero dollars, which is a price point we can all get on board with.

Next Tuesday, another spangly new expansion arrives. This one’s called Cunning Stunts, and man does it look nuts. The focus here was on adding a kart racer-esque slice of madness to races, and… well, mission accomplished. Check it out in action in the trailer below.