‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Update Adds Bodyguards and Big Ol’ Yaughts

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chris-littlechild - December 12, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V cannot be stopped. Earlier this week, Rockstar busted out the frantic new Every Bullet Counts free-for-all mode, but that's not enough for these guys. They're always pumping out the free content like the mad mofos they are. Here comes another slice.

As players will know, GTA Online's regular content packs are usually the same sort of deal. A couple new weapons, vehicles, missions, all that fun stuff. The ‘Executives and Other Criminals' update brings all of that too, but it's also a little more ambitious on top. Let's take a look.

If you've been playing since launch or so, you could well be one rich criminal mastermind by now. A fancy-ass apartment or two, a fleet of spangly sports cars in the garage… crime really does pay around these parts. But is that enough? No. No it's not. You want to be able to hire bodyguards and cruise about like a real kingpin.

Which is what the whole deal is here. Now, you can hire other players as your bodyguards. ‘These players earn a steady paycheck, as well as benefits like RP, GTA$, and statistic boosts for their efforts,' as GameSpot reports, though what you'll actually have to do as a lackey is unclear.

Elsewhere in Executives and Other Criminals, there are new customisable properties to buy, luxury vehicles to earn and other content to make your badass status clear. Hit the link to get the full lowdown, but keep in mind that this isn't coming to last-gen systems.

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