Grand Theft Auto Legends Makes for Stunning Work of Art (PHOTO)

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bill-swift - June 16, 2012

We're new to the work of graphic artist Patrick Brown, but this Grand Theft Auto Legends 2012 piece makes for a smashing introduction for sure. Featuring the main character from every GTA game since 2001 (no artistic interpretation for GTA2's heroes?), the artist even manages to generate a little news excitement with the revelation of the newest GTA hero. Albert De Silva is the guy on the far right holding a bottle of beer and, according to Brown, this scene is set in his pad in modern day San Andreas (remember GTA: San Andreas capitalized on the rash of "hood" movies from the early 90s by being set in a fictional California circa 1992). So we've got De Silva as our new hero and we now know he's had or will have some level of success in his life. Figuring out how all of that fits into the story, gameplay and evolution of Grand Theft Auto V is going to be the fun part.

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