Grace Teal Birthday Party Pasties

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brian-mcgee - September 14, 2018

Up until a moment ago, I had no idea who Grace Teal was, but then I checked her Instagram account and discovered that she is an Internationally Published Model,
a Brand influencer, a Mental health campaigner, a Columnist, and a Momma.

She also went out on the town for a birthday party wearing a sheer top that clearly showed off her braless breasts—though she was packing some pasties to keep things just this side of R-rated. It's important to know how to get attention, yet keep it just censored enough to make sure the major outlets carry it.

Grace Teal knows how to get attention, that's for sure. Think of it, you and I just found out about her and now we're enthralled and wanting to know more. I don't know that there is much more to discover though, as that Instagram list of accomplishments is pretty comprehensive.

Back to that Instagram account of hers. She manages to keep nearly every picture just this side of R-rated. She's turned it into something of an art form. Don't believe me? Just check it out for yourself. Prepare yourself for all the hand bra you can handle, which should be a lot.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Splash News