Gorgeous Jordyn Jones Smolders And Shines On Instagram

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aldo-vallon - November 24, 2018

Being able to wear a tank top and still manage to fill it out like that puts Jordyn Jones in a tier previously only reserved for Hooters waitresses. I do not know what Jordyn’s job prospects look like, but if the whole YouTube career does not pan out at least she knows she has a solid fall back plan. That is more than most can say. Although, ironically enough, most Hooters girls start out there in an attempt to work their way out, whether that be by paying for college or being discovered by a talent scout is anyone’s guess.

Jordyn does possess some talent, which is also more than most vloggers can claim. I know that every drunk girl in the club thinks that they can dance their way onto any talent show, but most can barely dance their way out of their underwear without tripping over. The fact that Jordyn has managed to master that before alcohol has become a major factor in her life means she is off to a great start. And if she can somehow continue this trajectory after being allowed to legally drink, then she might be able to make it as a background dancer in a music video.



Photo Credit: MEGA / Instagram