Gorgeous Ildiko Ferenczi’s Mega Bikini Is The 8th Wonder of the World

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elliot-wolf - August 9, 2018

If Ildiko Ferenczi ever needs a place to cool down and dry off, the door to my place is always open. I’ll even leave the light on in anticipation of her arrival like a Motel 6. She looks like a wild child to me. I love a free-spirited woman who isn’t afraid of throwing a party on the edge of the ocean. I don’t normally invite myself because it’s rude, but under the given circumstances I’ll make an exception. She obviously needs support since she’s there all by herself. I don’t want her thinking that just because no one showed up means it was a bad idea to host a shallow water shindig. I’ll be on my way the moment she shares her location with me.

My only fear I have when I meet Ildiko is that she might walk too fast for me. Because her bottom half has the most beautiful pair of stilts that I’ve ever seen on a woman. She looks like she could gracefully cover more ground than I ever could with only a couple of strides. But I’d give it my all when it comes to keeping up. Even if that means I have to run. Because she’s worthy of chasing after.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / MEGA