Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013; This Year Was Amazing, Next Will Be So Much Better!

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bill-swift - January 1, 2013

It seems like most of us survived the dreaded Mayan Apocalypse, the 64 out of 78 supremely boring sports at the Summer Olympics, and now even news that Kim Kardashian is spawning. We've faced these obstacles and we've come through with our love of supremely sextastic women fully intact.

In this past year, you guys (and our fairer gender readers who we adore) visited our little site here over 235 million times and looked at nearly 3 billion pages of utter goodness. That's a truly staggering figure, even to this dreamer who just a few years ago believed that in 2012 he'd be knocking boots with a Victoria's Secret angel in the backseat of his flying car.

None of this happens without you. And, oh the things we have in the works for 2013. Much more original video, high functioning mobile access, easier and easier galleries, brand new faces and amazing bodies, many more ways for you to express yourself, contribute,  vote, and comment on the site, and, just imagine which naughty celebrity cell phone sex tape shows up next!

Do your unspeakably shameful deeds tonight on New Year's Eve. Unleash your inner lust-filled demons. Drink Jager like you promised yourself you'd never ever do again. Then, wake up tomorrow and come back for a whole new year of visual treats.

Happy New Year from All Your Friends at Egotastic!

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