Golden Globe or Not, Jennifer Lawrence is Still Our Favorite Hunter of Humans for Sport on Film

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bill-swift - January 16, 2013

Even before Sunday night's event, Jennifer Lawrence already had two glowing globes that I really just can't pull my eyes off of. It's hard to believe my future ex-wife  got her biggest break playing a dowdy girl stuck in the woods who has to kill 23 other teenagers before they kill her. Though, I do like to imagine that's how she'll finally track me down.

While The Hunger Games captured the imagination of tens of millions of readers and fans, you can trace its origins, and really that of almost any movie or book about people set off to hunt one another for sport, back to 'The Most Dangerous Game', a short story published in 1924 about a shipwrecked hunter who's saved by a mysterious aristocrat, only to realize that the most dangerous game is in fact not hungry, hungry hippos as earlier believed, but the sport of hunting man for entertainment.

So until Effie Trinket calls out my name on Reaping Day and lets me ensnare Katniss in a net, leaving her dangling above the ground until she accepts my marriage proposal, check out the gallery for the best movies about humans hunting one another for sport.

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