God of War Ascension Showcases the Awesomeness of Ares (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 16, 2012

It's never too late to get up on more God of War Ascension footage. The fact that this latest trailer focuses on Ares, you know, the actual Greek God of War, means this one must be extra important right? How Ares has had an entire series of games named after him, yet this guy Kratos has starred in everyone is a discussion for brighter minds than mine. All I'm saying is, if you make me the God of War, I'm not going to let any sucker come along, change the legend and take that from me. Ever. In mythology gods are supposed to embody specific traits and have clear "personal" leanings that explain why they're the god/goddess of whatever. If I'm the God of War, I would think my biggest advantage is that I'm never going to lose a war to anybody ever. I might lose a footrace or even an arm wrestling match, but War? Come on. I'm just saying, Neptune ain't gonna lose a fishing or surfing contest is he? Enjoy this trailer and reflect on all of that.