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editor - January 4, 2013

Julianne Hough ('Dancing With the Stars', movies no one saw) has a shocking confession in the new issue of Cosmo, revealing that she was abused as a child, and like so many other heart-wrecnhing tales of abuse, it began when she left her rich Mormon home in Utah to study Latin Ballroom dancing in London.

"While I was in London, I was abused mentally, physically, everything."

Wow, "everything"? Even politically and musically? That sounds like a lot of work.

"I was a tormented little kid who had to put on this sexy facade because that was my job and my life, but my heart was the same, and I was this innocent little girl. I wanted so much love."
Hough said the abuse became worse "when I started hitting puberty, when I started becoming a woman and stopped being a little girl."

I know a girl who was made to sleep outside in a dog crate, naked, when she was 10, but that's nothing compared to the girl who liked dancing and then took dance lessons. A samba class? What is this, Guantanamo?

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